"The lazy shortcut to what we’re talking about is to imagine a combination of Suzi Quatro, The Heartbreakers (Thunders’ incarnation) and Gary Glitter! We’re talking two minute blasts of explosive, adrenalised rock’n’roll that knows its way around a hook and is happy to cut to the chase – no waiting around for the chorus. Gabbie Bam Bam sings, plays guitar and writes all the songs. She has a voice that does indeed remind you of Suzi Q – and even Poly Styrene at times, but the songs are much more straightforward rock’n’roll than anything X- Ray Spex ever came up with. The album comes in at a Ramones approved sub thirty-minute total and there’s no room for fillers..."   Mark Mcstea for Louder than war
"...BBQT is Gabbie from The Bam Bams doing '70s style glam rock with big, radio-worthy hooks. Let's Go is the name of the album, and it's a wonderfully satisfying throwback to the heyday of Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett. The title track kicks off the party in style, setting the tone for 10 tracks of hand-clapping, foot-stomping fun. Gabbie Bam Bam not only writes damn fine rock n' roll songs but also has that swagger that's necessary to make this style of music fully convincing. Listening to this record, I choose to imagine that she's singing these songs to an arena full of diehard rock n' rollers who are shouting along to every word and having the time of their lives. I dig the variety of the material, which covers everything from '50s inspired revved-up rockers ("Golden Twenty", "All Day Night") to catchy power pop leaning numbers ("Inmate", "Angel Sweet") to vintage glam stompers ("Tuff'n Up", "Play Rock N Roll"). And it's all top-notch stuff. There's not a dud track to be found on the album! "   L.R. for Faster & Louder
"Gabbie Bam Bam wrote the tunes, Gabbie Bam Bam plays a mean guitar and Gabbie Bam Bam can hold a tune. But, hey, let's not get carried away here: she couldn't have done it without being aided and abetted by Chris on drums, Doris on keys and Matthew on bass.  Straight from the off the band lead with the title track and lead single off the album, so it's with all guns ablaze as 'Let's Go' kicks things off with some intent. Imagine the best of Suzie Quatro and The Runaways, and sling in a dose of Debbie Harry's attitude, and you’re sort of at the same knife fight. It's bubblegum driving rock ‘n’ fucking roll’ for god's sake. It’s got a backbeat and a tonne of attitude, and is kicking backside... " 
Dom Daley for Uber rock
“Let’s Go!”, BBQT’s debut album on No Front Teeth Records is a fine mix of 70s glitter rock and 77 punk rock’n’roll. We asked Gabbie Bam Bam a few questions about the band and the album. Once again, it seems like all that glitters rocks!"
Laur for Veglam
"The cover of BBQT's upcoming debut LP, Let's Go, is practically a catalog of 70's sleaze. Rose-tinted aviators? Check. Unzipped latex jacket? Check. Keith Richards hair? Check. The cover not only operates as a visual nod to an era of excess but it also serves as BBQT's calling card. This is a band unconcerned with notions of contemporary cool or critical awareness. They just want to rock, dammit. This unpretentious approach to songwriting drives much of BBQT's songbook, a fuzzy collection of roiling rock tunes that charm with their vintage earnestness. Songs like "Let's Go!" and "Play Rock N' Roll" read less like songs and more like imperatives from some sort of glam rock manifesto, thunderous percussion and chanting choruses abound. In March, BBQT provided a song for Classic Rock Magazine's monthly sampler, a move that feels wholeheartedly appropriate and downright awesome. Sure, it's retromania. But it's so much fun."
Ryan RIcks for do512
"It’s just past 10:00 p.m. on a sweltering summer night in New York’s East Village when she bounds on stage, clad in a silver spandex metallic cat suit and bright red sunglasses. Gabriela “Gabbie” Torres doesn’t just take the stage – she owns it. Performing under the name BBQT (pronounced Bar-B-Cutie), Torres is a swaggering mix of the influences she wears on her sleeve – Suzi Quatro meets The Kids. I’d throw in Nikki and the Corvettes, as well. BBQT is on the first leg of an East Coast tour in support of their first LP, Let’s Go!..."
Todd Mcgovern for please kill me
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